Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Virus Removal. We specialize in removing viruses and malware from WordPress websites, blogs, custom websites and third party content management systems (CMS).  Count on us to clean your site and get it working to its optimal state.  Our virus and/or malware removal services include the following:

  • Backing up data files of your entire site
  • Scan log files to determine how the site was hacked
  • Scan  website for threats and actual attacks
  • Scan for server side viruses and/or  malware
  • Remove virus and malware scripts from back end coding
  • Check for vulnerable plugins and templates.
  • Update plugins and templates if needed
  • Add security to log-in functions to block future brute-force attacks
  • Repair broken code if needed
  • Website blacklist removal
  • Educate website owners how avoid future attacks

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