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Have you been hacked?

Is Google blacklisting your website because of malware?

Is your page rank tanking? Are there hidden or visible ads for Viagra and other pharmaceuticals on your website? Do you need help getting your website back up and normal right away?

We can help! now to get started. or visit this site easd-design.com

How our WordPressVirusRemoval Works

If you know or suspect your website has been hacked you can contact us fill out our virus removal request form.
We’ll also need your WordPress log-in credentials.
If you use our virus removal request form. We will call you or email you for your log-in credentials. (For security reasons we do not ask this information on the form.)
If your site is not a WordPress site we will need your ftp log-in information.
If we find you are infected we call or email you and ask for payment with a credit card through our website payment gateway.
We start virus removal right away and within a day or two your site will be clean.
After your site is clean, we contact Google through your webmaster tools and ask for them to remove the malware warnings and blacklisting.
We also provide tools that will keep your site more secure all year round.
We fix, update, re-design and remove viruses and malware from websites anywhere since we do it remotely.

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Why Pick WordPressVirusRemoval

We are friendly, conscientious, and experienced with hacked sites and virus removal. Our customer service will exceed your expectations. Our concern and care for your site and you is genuine. We hate hackers as much as you do and want your organization and you to be successful. We will thwart their bad plans for your site. We have a proven website virus removal track record, and we also specialize in SEO. Since we’ve designed many WordPress and other custom websites, we understand backend coding and how to repair it.

Why You were Hacked

All websites including WordPress sites can and do get hacked and infected with viruses and malware. Usually it is for blackhat SEO purposes. The hackers turn the hacked website into a series of articles about their “products” which then link back to their own sites to raise their ranking in search engines. As a result of this your site can be blacklisted and your rankings with major search engines such as Google go down. WordPress Virus Removal is here to help! Click here to fill our our virus removal form or give us a call.

For more information on WordPress viruses and malware read our blog article OMG my WordPress has been hacked!

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