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My Talking Angela English a Cute Fashion Game. I hope you are doing well and I welcome you to the extraordinary world of my talking Angela. It will give you funny moments. My Talking Angela are games similar to my talking tom. Together with talking Ginger 2 they will do their thing. She is eager for you to adopt her and be a companion for her. You can raise her from a puppy, take care of her with love until you see her turned into a pretty kitten and thus be great friends.

In My Talking Angela Dresses you can change her clothes very often as long as you are happy and at the same time she is happy, and sometimes she also likes to wear costumes because she wants to see you smile. You can also decorate my talking angela's house in game, you will make her food and feed her the best possible and especially when she is a puppy since she needs more of you because she is a baby.

My Talking Angela English

Download MY TALKING ANgela English APK Mod Latest Version Android【2023】 have fun times with My Talking Angela, Easy to install. But if you take good care of her and consent to her as she should be, she will be a companion for you. You will play together and have a lot of fun when you download My Talking Angela. Especially because with their cards you can exchange them with your friends and start a great collection.

☑️ Download My Talking Angela English Mod APK

You can also know some stories around My Talking Angela. That despite the fact that there are people who do not love her out of envy. Find out more about My Talking Angela and have fun. Share with who else you love their stickers, videos and other nice things that Angela has to show you.

Join Talking Angela in Paris, the city of love and style. Make her a promise and treat her like a princess because she IS a princess. With My Talking Angela apk you'll be able to chat with her, buy her gifts and choose her wardrobe. You can even smile at her or show her your tongue (but that's no way to treat a lady).

Download My Talking Angela APK v6.1.0.730. My Talking Angela you may want to take a look at this app, especially the improved content that will make the little ones enjoy more. With an easy and intuitive interface, you can download Angela, which can be played by even the youngest children, in coin mode and charge your device. If we look at the content of the game, we satisfy all the needs of our cute kittens and play fun mini-games with him.

💎 My Talking Angela Education

So you must teach her to dress, to eat, to be clean and polite. You will be able to teach her to groom herself and take good care of her image, and tell her how important cleaning is, from the daily bath and above all to brushing her teeth very well, so that Angela becomes My Talking Angela Adult.

💎 Talking Angela APK will put you to the test

Angela will test your knowledge in the recently added trivia games. To start a contest, write one of these options in the chat window: quiz, give me a quiz, start quiz. She is not alone in the city, you can see a familiar face appear from one side or the other but in a completely different role.

MY TALKING ANgela English android
MY TALKING ANgela English

Tom and angela

Angela has a longtime fan named Tom. He is a cute kitten who has his application called my talking Tom. Tom the cat and Angela are more than friends. You will be able to know it in time.

My Talking Angela and My Talking Tom have grown in popularity through their family of apps called Talking friends. She also has a series of Talking Angela Games or Angela Games, where you can have fun with these cute games.

Although it is sometimes confused and called talking tom angela games. My talking Angela Games has a wide variety of games that will make you have a great time. Previously, My talking Angela 1 was released, but at this moment My talking Angela 2 is already there.

💎 My Talking Angela dresses in fashion

Angela is interested in you being a well behaved and orderly girl, that is why she will guide you in the way to decorate your room and always have her everywhere since she will become your spoiled puppy since you will take good care of her. She needs a lot from you, remember that she is a helpless kitten.

You can dress him in a thousand different ways

In the My Talking Angela games you have the option of having her model her wardrobe. But you will be the one that combines the best possible for her to be the queen of fashion. Especially when you see Angela in Paris. And form a beautiful friendship between the two.

install MY TALKING ANgela English
MY TALKING ANgela English 2

With Angela you will have to be very careful since she is a puppy hardly and she needs you, that is why you must choose well where she will live, in what climate, put her in a beautiful house so that she feels comfortable and is very happy now at the same time you will also be happy to see his joy drawn on his face.

My Talking Angela features

You can Play My Talking Angela and also fun mini games that are offered in the application and that are fantastic. Find out how many levels my talking Angela has and advance as much as you can. My talking angel has many virtual stickers that you can collect from the cute Angela, they are very beautiful and there are more and more.

💎 My Talking Angela a Cute Fashion Game

Share with your friends the photos of the angel kitty exchange and get the super special my talking angela full album. Where you will also find photos of Angela and Tom, collect them. Everywhere you can have My talk Angela and take care of her. Watching my talking angela stickers you will be excited from when she was a puppy to a beautiful adult cat. Just as Tom Angela requires care too and more than Tom.

In the my talking Angela app, her fashion collection awaits you. So that you can see her as a great superstar, with very beautiful and exclusive clothes and together have a lot of fun. Especially when you see my talking angela in Paris. She does it in part to please Tom Talking.

There are paid clothes and they are very fashionable. But you are the one who must decide how you want to see My Taking Angela dressed and beautiful. It also has a games area in talking Angela game.

💎 Talking Angela APK is a safe and familiar application

💎 How to play My Talking Angela apk

  • Pet Talking Angela and she will be happy.
  • Use the \ ”Gift \” button to buy her drinks, clothes, accessories, makeup, etc.
  • Use the \ ”Heart \” button and have Angela read you a fortune cookie.
  • Use the \ "Coat Rack \" button to access Angela's closet and change her appearance.
  • Use the \ ”Face \” button to open the front camera and communicate with Angela using facial gestures (nod or shake your head, smile, yawn or stick out your tongue).

What's new in this version of My Talking Angela APK

  • SUPERHERO OUTFIT: This seems to be a job for Captain Cute!
  • Wardrobe redesign: You'll love the new look!
  • SUMMER STICKERS: Collect the new summer souvenir stickers!


- There is no \ ”Face \” button for iPhone 4 or earlier devices. You must have an iPhone 4S or later.

*** HOW TO TALK ***

- You can only speak to Angela in ENGLISH.

- Press on the text field to start a conversation.

- Use the keyboard to type OR use dictation.

- Angela will respond with text and voice in English.

- Start trivia questions by typing any of these instructions in the chat window: quiz, give me a quiz, start quiz.

- You can talk to Angela about different topics: love, dating, friends, school, fashion, celebrities, movies, music, television, books, hobbies, food, travel, pets, etc.

- Use instructions such as: sing to me (sing to me), tell me a joke (tell me a joke), buy drink (buy a drink), etc.

download MY TALKING ANgela English
MY TALKING ANgela English 1

Talking Angela Free Download

She is a very smart and intelligent kitten, but she also needs your love and affection. In Talking Angela game you can make her feel happy and protected by you. Remember that little by little she can be your partner and talk with her about everything that happens to you. You can download my talking Angela images on this blog. Besides that you can also download My Talking Angela for PC.

It is important to know that My talking Angela is a very safe game without hacking problems. You can see information about my talking angela on this website as well as videos of angela.

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