Minecraft APK English Android Download Latest Version 2022

Minecraft APK English Android

Minecraft Apk English is a sandbox video game created by Markus "Notch" Persson and developed by Mojang Studios, a part of Xbox Game Studios, which in turn is part of Microsoft. Available for PC, mobile devices, and various game consoles, the game allows players to place and destroy a variety of blocks in a 3D environment (players can move freely to make and build whatever they want).

Minecraft Apk English is a block breaking and placing game. At first, people built structures to protect themselves from night monsters, but as the game grew, players worked together to create wonderful and imaginative things. It can also be an adventure with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean.

Minecraft Apk English

Download MINECraft Apk English Free Android 2022 infinite worlds, build simple houses, grandiose castles play with unlimited resources. It's nice. Brave players fight terrible things in The Nether, which is scarier than pretty. You can also visit the land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea.


The player is the main character of Minecraft Apk, who is controlled by the users. There are two default player skins, Steve and Alex. At the beginning of the game, the player is placed in a world, spawned by a random or specified seed with an empty inventory.

Download Minecraft APK English
Minecraft APK English 1

The player has a health bar with 10 hearts and can take damage from falling, suffocation, drowning, fire, lava, lightning, cactus, sweet berry bushes, falling into the void, falling anvils and being hit by mobs and other players.

Health bar damage can be relieved by armor or stamina potion and health can be restored by eating food and drinking specific potions, or if the difficulty is set to Peaceful, health regenerates on its own. If the difficulty level is not set to Peaceful, the hunger bar decreases over time and even faster while running, jumping, or swimming.

install Minecraft APK English
Minecraft APK English 2

Food fills the hunger level; however, eating rotten meat and raw chicken has the possibility of causing a starvation effect on the player. Depending on the difficulty level, a low hunger level can also deplete a player's health.


The blocks are what make up the landscape of Minecraft Apk. They are fundamental to the game. Blocks can be broken, collected and placed in an infinite number of arrangements. Players can use the blocks in crafting by manipulating them in many other ways. The face of a block is 16 by 16 pixels, and each block is proportionally one cubic meter.

Elaboration and Casting

Crafting allows players to create new tools and blocks using items from their inventory. Crafting is what helps players to survive in Minecraft Apk game as the uses of natural blocks are limited. To craft, a player can use the 2 × 2 grid in inventory or the 3 × 3 grid provided by a crafting table.

By arranging items differently, players can create many usable items and intensify their collection of resources and in turn create more items. The smelter requires a furnace in addition to the fuel and processes the blocks into a more useful form, such as iron ore into iron ingots. If you want, you can download Minecraft apk from below for free.

Minecraft APK English Android
Minecraft APK English

Download Minecraft Apk English

Other functions

  • Marketplace - Here players can find the latest community creations and get unique maps, skins, and texture packs from their favorite creators.
  • Slash Commands: This feature allows you to modify the way the game is played by gifting items, summoning mobs, changing the time of day, and much more.
  • Add-ons - The Minecraft game offers numerous add-ons to further customize your experience. It allows you to modify behaviors based on data in the game to create new resource packs.
  • Realms - In this feature, you can play with up to 10 friends anytime, anywhere. It also allows cross-platform play. You can also get your own private server. The game allows you to try a 30-day trial.
  • Multiplayer - This Minecraft Apk game mode allows you to play with up to 4 friends with a free Xbox Live account online.
  • Servers - You can join massive multiplayer servers and play with thousands of other people. Plus, compete in unique minigames and socialize in lobbies and make new friends from all over the world.

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