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Clash Royale English is without a doubt one of the most popular games out there right now. Until recently, Clash Royale was the number one game on mobile phones and one of the most downloaded by users.

CLASH ROyale English From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters. In this case, the developer is Supercell, a Finnish-based company that currently has offices practically all over the world. Supercell also has investment from the Chinese company Tencent.

Clash Royale English 2023 How to play

Clash Royale English is not the first Supercell game. They also have another hit called Clash of Clans. In fact, Clash Royale is a spinoff of the latter game. While Clash of Clans is specifically about making war between clans once you build your own Clan, Clash Royale is a much faster game. Basically remove the whole "build" part to focus solely on the "Make War" part.

Both games are frequently at number one and number two in the earnings of the various app stores.

Clash Royale English is a strategy and card based mobile game. Each player has a deck of eight cards that he unfolds on the battlefield to face his opponent. The object of the game is to destroy your opponent's towers without destroying your own.

To achieve this, you must use different cards that fight for you. These range from warrior pigs to gnomes with swords or spears. Some more advanced cards are witches, war machines, and more. The world of Clash Royale is one more or less based on medieval fantasy, so you will also find spells such as fireballs, electric attacks, typhoons among others.

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clash royale english

As long as you put units on the map, your opponent will be doing the same. So not only must you destroy the towers, you must also get rid of the enemy units before they destroy their own.

How to get Clash Royale gems

In Clash Royale English there are different game modes, the first and most basic is the one you access from the home of the game. In this one you will face a single player.

2v2: In 2v2 mode, together with an ally you will fight against 2 players. This can be a friend of yours, a member of your clan or a stranger, with whom you must collaborate to destroy the towers of the two enemy players.

Clan War: Clan War only occurs between clans, so you must be part of a clan to participate in this game mode. In this mode throughout a day you will be able to do 3 battles (calls of the collection day) with random and special modes. Among them, there will be 2v2 game modes or where the elixir goes faster or you will have to choose your deck randomly from among the cards that the game offers you.

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In each battle on collection day they will give you a chest full of cards, which will be the ones you will have to use to create your War Deck. So the whole clan collaborates by participating in these battles and unlocking all the possible cards to form a good deck.

The next thing in the Clan War is the Battle Day, here you will compete against other clans with your War Deck. Thus, depending on the number of victories your clan achieves, you will have a number of trophies and may be placed among the best clans in the ranking.

How to create a deck in Clash Royale

  • Your deck should be able to cover as many cards as possible. You must have cards capable of countering air, ground, army attacks, etc.
  • As in all card games, you must have cards that use little elixir - to attack quickly - and cards that use more elixir - to attack with greater force. Your deck should have a combination of both.
  • There are units that are more effective than others in collapsing towers. These are the Prince, the Hog Rider, and the Giant, among several. In general they are more expensive cards, slower, but that do more damage.
  • Your deck should have cards that complement each other. For example, if you want to send a Prince card you must put an Arrows card to knock down his enemies and make way for him.

How to win Clash Royale

Card Improvements

  • Unlike other card games, in Clash Royale the cards can be improved. That means they will have more life and have more attack - VERY important statistics to be able to win.
  • In Clash Royale, upgrading cards means combining many copies of it to level it up. That is, the more copies you have of the same card, the better to improve that card once you have enough.
  • Also every time you win a game, the game will give you a chest full of cards. These are of different types and the more or better cards you have, the more rare they will come out.

Clash Royale Characters

  • Bomber: a small skeleton with some protection that drops bombs
  • Archers: a pair of ranged fighters fight both air and ground units
  • Knight: a melee fighter much more handsome and cultured than his distant cousin the barbarian
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A .: destroyer by nature
  • Musketeer: she does not miss a shot with her trusty blunderbuss
  • Giant: slow but resistant and only attacks the enemy towers, watch out for the tank!
  • Prince: will run over you mercilessly, dealing double damage once the charge starts
  • Baby Dragon - Flying unit that deals area damage
  • Barbarians: horde of melee attackers with a horrible character
download clash royale english
clash royale english 1

Clash Royale features Clash Royale English

  • Win chests to get new cards and improve the ones you already have, unlock rewards
  • Destroy your opponent's towers to get epic crowns and chests
  • Build the best epic deck to crush your rivals
  • Play and progress in the different arenas and fight your way to the top
  • Be part of a clan or create your own to share cards and much more
  • Challenge your friends or allies to private battles
  • Enjoy TV Royale and learn new strategies

Requirements to install Clash Royale

  • RAM: 500MB (1GB recommended for best experience)
  • Screen resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Operating system: Android 4.0.3 or higher
  • Internet connection or a Wi-Fi network

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download clash royale english

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