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Clash of Dreams English is a private Clash of clans (CoC) server available and it works without problems. Many of the players cannot upgrade to TH12, because they have limited resources and gems that are required to speed up the game. Therefore, many unofficial developers create private servers that allow you to have Elixir, Gold, gems, etc. unlimited in-game. Although the game data is kept on the private server instead of the Supercell servers.

The popularity of Clash of clans also spawned private servers, where players can have unlimited gems, coins, elixir, max level heroes, maxed out Town Hall, and much more. Private servers have recently gained a lot of popularity among Clash of Clans players. Download Clash of Dreams English version 6.6.1 Apk Android Clash of Clans Best Free Servers with unlimited resources, mods and thematics 2023.

Clash of Dreams English APK Private Server 2023

Clash of Dreams is the best private server available for Clash Of Clans with Town Hall 12 update. In this version, you will get Unlimited Elixir, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Dark Elixir and even Unlimited Gems. In short, you can experience the ultimate Town Hall and its features without spending a single penny out of your pocket.

Download Clash of Dreams English APK 6.6.1

Also, the new update comes with many bug fixes.

  • New map editor
  • Error correction

About this private server Clash of Dreams APk 6.6.1

Clash of Dreams has really taken their server to the next level by giving us a rich user experience while playing the game.

The game will feature unlimited resources so you can easily maximize your base, and you also get custom mods like custom buildings, troops, traps, spells, and textures.

The game also runs on a powerful web server that allows many players to play on the server at the same time without connection issues or lag.


descargar clash of dreams
clash of dreams 4

With the most recent update that took place yesterday, they made some significant changes to their PVP battles and added new features to it. Yes! This server has PVP battles and can also be played on the Builder Base.

IOS users can also install the game on their iPhones, but you will need a jailbroken device. Open Cydia Impactor and connect your device. Drag the IPA onto the Cydia impactor and then put in your Apple ID and password. Should work.


clash of dreams halloween
clash of dreams 1

This game is very similar to Clash of Lights in that it also has the same gameplay. Although you will have gems, gold and other resources that can be used to improve the game and that you can fill. Yes, you can use the commands mentioned below to populate the resources.

Clash of Dreams built-in game commands

Paste any of the commands you want in the global chat

/ help - (list available commands)
/ cut - (clears all obstacles)
/ easy - (fully max your base, also in constructor base, you need to use it in constructor base to update there)
/ upgrade - (max everything you currently have to max level)
/ id - (print your account id)
/ reload - (get max resources, gems, gold, elixir, etc.)
/ suicidal - (attack your own base)
/ tsarbomba - reset base

However, the main disadvantage of these private servers is that you cannot play with regular Clash of Clans players as they play on Supercell's regular official servers. However, it does not yet restrict users from testing private servers.


clash of dreams apk
clash of dreams 2

Clash Of Dreams APK available for everyone

It doesn't matter where you are from. You can download and enjoy the game like everyone.

Incredible new modes and events

New troops, new spells, new traps, new buildings, new heroes, new textures, many new events like X-Mas, Halloween, and more.


The high-end servers allow thousands of players to use the server at the same time with the best stability and without the risk of viruses or the like.


descargar clash of dreams
clash of dreams 4

100% FREE

You don't need to pay anything, but while downloading the file you will see some ads.

Unlimited resources

Thinking of a large village? Don't worry.You will have unlimited resources and commands to perform incredible actions, check it out!

You will have a server with the latest version with many amazing mods such as the builder and the spirit troop, the goblin building and more!

They were released throughout the time special updates on Halloween, X-Mas, Valentine's Days and CoD's birthday.


About private servers

The Clash of Clans servers sync in real time and cannot be hacked or modified like other games. Therefore, the only path left for those people is to use a Clash of Clans private server.

To get the Clash of Clans private server, you need to install a modified Clash of clans APK on your phone that connects to a third-party private server instead of the official CoC server. In conclusion, you will get unlimited gems, elixirs and gold in the game.

They provide unlimited resources for heroes and few troops and custom defenses. Since there are no restrictions, Clash of Clans private server games can be a lot of fun without spending real money.


servidor privado clash of dreams
clash of dreams

How to install Clash of Dreams English APK

The "Download Clash of dreams APK" button mentioned above is the link to download it.
Open the file once downloaded, it will ask you if you want to allow unknown sources or not.

If there is no pop-up about unknown sources and it doesn't allow you to install the APK, go to settings> security and then turn on unknown sources.
Once installed, click on the app and then enjoy the unlimited resources.
Note: Wait for the installation process to complete, be patient.

We do not promote such activities or share such things. We are not affiliated with Supercell and it is not endorsed, endorsed by, or endorsed by them. This information is shared just to explore new things.

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