descargar carrera profesional community manager

We at Easd-design offer a selection of apps and games for smartphones, including private servers, all games updated

Our knowledge, experience and passion for applications, as well as the design of the articles on our site are ideal to keep our readers and friends updated. And we are also interested in maintaining a communication link with them to offer the new releases and possible improvements of our apks

Open Positions

Graphic designer

Salary: $4000.00 Monthly Dlls

Work description:

We are looking for a Lead Graphic Designer. This opportunity is to work from home with the option to work from Villahermosa, Mexico or Mexico City, paying up to $4000.00 Dlls Monthly to lead the Easd-Design strategy. This includes approving all Taking charge of the supervision of the designs in Photoshop and WordPress, having two people in charge.

Community Manager

descargar carrera profesional community manager
carrera profesional community manager

Salary: $12-$18 USD per hour (approx. 4 hours per day)

Work description:
We have a compelling brand and we want someone to help make that brand as amazing online as it is in real life. This opportunity is to work from home. We are looking for someone who has a finger on the pulse of both private servers and Apks and video games, a good sense of how social platforms work, a natural ability to engage with fans and someone who is willing to do the job. necessary to help the brand.

Shopify Developer

Salary: $5000.00 Monthly Dlls

Work description:

Easd-Design is looking for a Shopify Developer to manage, optimize and expand our Shopify-hosted eCommerce store.
Reporting to the CTO, you'll be responsible for maintaining and updating the code and apps on our Shopify storefronts, developing new product pages, and running A/B tests to continually improve site performance and conversion.

Search Engine Optimization Copywriter

Pay Rate: $16-$22 per hour

Work description:

We are looking for a creative and dedicated person to join our team as a content developer. Content Developer responsibilities include creating original content for our website and advertising including copywriting, product descriptions, social media, blogging, and technical work. The content developer should also adhere to SEO best practices, considering keyword density and prominence, tone, style, and readability to organically elevate our website's placement in search engine results. .

If you are interested in a position, send your resume to our email:


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