Brawl Stars Update March 2020

Brawl Stars Update March 2020 english

Brawl Stars is always evolving, that's why now we show you the changes in the new Brawl Stars update March 2020, with this you can already make adjustments to your strategies and ways of playing.

Brawl Stars Update March 2020

New Brawler Jacky!

She loves to shake the ground with her mechanical hammer. His SUPER attracts the closest enemies and makes them mince. Be careful where you step!


  • Main Attack: Mechanical Hammer - Jacky rides the mechanical hammer like a jumping pogo. Nearby rivals will feel the shaking!
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 android
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 1
  • SUPER: Hammering Attraction - Jacky punches the ground and lures opponents to take a closer look at his mechanical hammer. While deploying your SUPER, you partially protect yourself from attacks.
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 ios
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 2
  • Gadget: Pneumatic High - Jacky gets a high energy and moves 38% faster for 3.0 seconds.
  • Star Skill 1: Cement Karma - Jacky returns the favor and transfers 15% of the damage he takes to nearby opponents.
  • Star Skill 2: Passively reduces all damage.

New Brawler - Sprout (coming April)

New aspects

  • Darryl redesign.
  • Darryl mascot - 80 gems.


  • PSG Shelly - 80 gems.
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 shelly
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 6
  • Penny Dark Rabbit - 10,000 Star Points.
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 penny
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 4
  • College Emz - 500 Star Points.
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 emz
Actualización Brawl Stars Marzo 2020 3

Aspects of April

  • Dymanike trainer - 150 gems.
  • Jessie Tanuki - 150 gems.
  • Bo Horus - 150 gems.


Each brawler will now have a specific characteristic that activates a special ability.

  • Gadgets are found in boxes and in the store starting at level 7 for each brawler.
  • Stellar fight will not require gadgets.
  • Friendly games will have the option to disable gadgets.

The "Underdog" modality

This matchmaking enhancement will help when the number of trophies between teams is uneven.

  • Only in 3v3 modes and will not affect solo / duo survival.
  • When activated it will provide a “Bonus” to the won trophies or a reduction to the lost ones.
  • The status will be displayed at the start and end of the game.

The “underdog” status will be activated when one of these two requirements is met:

  • The player is paired with two players who are playing together as teams having a trophy difference of at least 200.
  • The player is paired against an enemy team whose trophy average is equal to or greater than 200 compared to the player's team.

The status "Underdog" will not be available when activating "Play again".

Changes in event rotation

  • The worst performing maps have been removed and some new ones will be added, as well as bringing back old ones.
  • Tickets will be removed from the boxes and from the store. In the next update, tickets will be completely removed. Wear them while you can!
  • Increased the number of free tickets given in All against one and Giant Boss from 2 to 5.


Other changes in Brawl Stars

  • Safe Play - With protected accounts for young players, we now offer Brawl Stars to players under the age of 13.
  • Added 120Hz mode to Asus ROG II phone variants.

Error correction

  • Brawl Ball: Effects that remain on the ground like Barley's SUPER no longer cause damage after scoring a goal (Visual effect still remains).
  • Mortis: Fixed a bug that allowed Mortis to break through walls.
  • 8-Bit: Fixed a bug that did not allow 8-Bit to use its main attack immediately upon respawning in Survival.

Balance Changes

Carl: His SUPER damage reduced from 400 to 360 per turn.


  • Total health reduced from 3,500 to 3,400.
  • Efficiency of the "Run and Fly!" Star ability reduced By 17%.

Mr. P: Increased wait time between drones from 2 to 4 seconds.


  • Reduced damage from his main attack from 900 to 840.
  • Decreased "Burying Sand" damage from 120 to 100 per second.

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  • Rosa: Fertilizes the soil around it, and shrubs automatically grow.
  • Crow: Receive a shield that protects it from 60% damage for 3 seconds.
  • Brock: Shoot the ground to launch into the air. The explosion deals 500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Dynamike: Quickly spin and throw multiple sticks of dynamite around you. Each dynamite deals 800 damage.
  • Penny: Fire her cannon, creating a powerful explosion that destroys walls and deals 1500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • 8-BIT: Automatically teleports to your turret, but it is destroyed.
  • Tick: Makes a quick scroll, leaving a mine on the ground.
  • Pam: Activates a hit from her turret that heals her and her allies for 1,200.
  • Bo: Drop a totem that recharges his SUPER and that of nearby allies within the area of ​​effect.
  • Rico: Launch waves of bouncing bullets in all directions.
  • Nita: Command your bear to hit the ground, stunning all enemies within range.
  • Carl: Drop a rocky path behind your car that deals damage to the enemies it touches.
  • Max: Shoots forward and becomes immune to enemy damage on the move.
  • Darryl: Rotate and fire bursts of gunfire in all directions.
  • Barley: Drop a stain on the ground, slowing down all enemies that touch it.
  • Frank: You become temporarily immune to any kind of negative effect, such as immobility, slowness, and thrust.
  • El Primo: Grabs the closest enemy and flips him like a pancake on his shoulders.
  • Bull: Automatically heals for 1500 health.
  • Jessie: Activate a sling from her turret, slowing down enemies in her area of ​​effect.
  • Mortis: Spin your shovel, hitting all enemies around it for 1300 damage.
  • Tara: Tara and her allies can see all enemies, even inside the bushes, for 5 seconds.
  • Spike: Fires 3 waves of needles in all directions, causing 520 damage per hit.
  • Genius: All enemies close to the genie are automatically pushed back. Also recovers 1000 health.
  • Little: Little and all his close allies heal 500 per second for 5 seconds.
  • Jacky: Get a boost of energy and move 38% faster for 3 seconds.
  • Piper: Fire 4 quick shots at the closest enemy. Each shot will cause 400 damage.
  • Mr. P: Improve your current drone by increasing its damage by 150 more and its health by 1000.
  • Bea: Drop a pot of honey that slows down approaching enemies.
  • Shelly: Moves forward with the help of a hook.
  • Colt: Automatically reloads two bullets into his pistols.
  • Emz: Pushes all enemies around him, dealing 500 damage.
  • Bibi: Heals 600 health per second for 4 seconds.
  • Leon: Create an illusion of yourself to confuse your enemies.
  • Sandy: He falls asleep for two seconds and his life is fully recharged.



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