Working Draft for eDTD

Working Draft for eDTD. You will also need a PKZIP archive compatible tool and Microsoft Word document viewer (see below), and a compatible computer system.

Working Draft for eDTD

Microsoft Word Document, Copyright © December, 1999, The XML/edi Group. All rights reserved.

These documents that can be downloaded here may not be commerically reproduced or distributed in part or in whole, without consent and prior approval. These documents can however explicitly be freely used by any industry or technical consortium or group working on developing open public standards based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language). The intellectual property associated with these documents is also available for use in open public standards developments based on XML.



File Name:  

File Size



eDTD.ZIP 35 kilobytes Archive of eDTD specification and XML sample files.


1 Either mouse "left click", or mouse "right click" the link to the eDTD.ZIP file to open or save it to your computer, or Tab to the link and press enter. The file is in ZIP format. If you do not have a ZIP extractor, you can download the software required (see below - item 4).
2 Extract ZIP file into the same sub-directory. ZIP Archive contains several files.
3  To download PKZIP utility to UNPACK ZIP archive follow link and then install as directed.  If you do not have a PKZIP utility, install shareware version from the PKWare's site.



To download the Microsoft Word Document Viewer, follow link and then install as directed.

If you do not have Microsoft Word viewer installed on your PC download the latest viewer from Microsoft

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