download Bizcodes has joined us, where we will continue to offer the information related to For any clarification do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome to the home of This site is focused on promoting the concept of a universal reference system for XML based eBusiness that transcends individual schemas and industry specific exchange formats to provide a true 'lingua franca' for global eBusiness interchanges.


This initiative is designed to facilitate the current efforts of standards groups like DISA/X12, UN/EDIFACT and working groups like CEFACT/OASIS with and also commercial efforts like RosettaNet, Microsoft and any other XML based eBusiness implementation.

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The work developed here is intended to be an open source, public domain collaborative project. The objective is to provide all implementors of XML based semantics for eBusiness a simple and concise system that allows global interoperability. The technology approach is to build XML syntax examples that illustrate the core concepts of the Bizcodes method, and to show how, with only minor modifications, by adopting drafts already published to the W3C XML Version 1.0 recommendation, we can quickly and easily implement a robust, scalable and maintainable system today. In addition a key need is to adhere to the tenets of the simplicity of XML V1.0 itself, that ensure consistent software behaviours across the major XML parser implementations themselves.

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GUIDE (Global Uniform Interoperable Data Exchange): 1) Working documents of GUIDE specifications NEW! 2) Apk site Bizcodes: 1) A multimedia presentation on Bizcodes. 2) A white paper on the XML Repository and XML Glossary concepts. 3) Coming soon: presentation on Schemas, DTD's and Bizcodes. 4) Article on - Less is More in eBusiness 5) Ken Sall's Report on Bizcodes from XMLWorld '99 in Ottawa. 6) Multimedia presentation to ebXML, Nov' 99. 7) White Paper on eDTD Schema Proposal to ebXML Technical Architecture Committee, Jan' 2000. 8) Multimedia presentation ECR2000 Grocery Industry Conference, March 2000. 9) Extract from "Professional XML" on Bizcodes. 10) Bizcodes: Empowering the Internet, article, June 2000, sponsored by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE).   Copyright © October, 1999, Bizcodes. All rights reserved. These documents that can be downloaded from here may not be reproduced or distributed, nor used for any commercial purpose, in part or in whole, without consent and prior approval.

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