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Robbery Bob Free is an action and strategy game with an overhead perspective, in which we will have to help a thief to commit all his misdeeds. It won't be an easy task, since normally we will have to avoid police officers, guard dogs or neighbors, who will try to put an end to our criminal career.

Robbery Bob Free's control system is very simple: on the left side of the screen we'll find the movement 'stick' with which we'll be able to move Bob freely, while on the right side we'll have the run button. We will automatically take money and belongings when we pass by.

Robbery Bob Free 1.21.5

One of the funniest points about Robbery Bob Free is that it doesn't just present levels and levels, but rather that it really has a story behind it. Thus, as we progress through the dozens of levels of the game, we will be able to reveal the story of our protagonist. We can also use the money we earn to improve Bob's skills.

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Robbery Bob Free is an original and fun game, which also has quite good graphics. A true Android classic with more than five years behind it.

Download Robbery Bob Free 1.21.5

These are the main features of the game

Be stealthy and try to stay unnoticed by security guards, neighbors, or watchdogs as you collect loot. Getting his attention will force you to run away.
You will have to steal in different settings, such as a residential neighborhood, the city center and even in secret laboratories.
Steal it all: who wants only money? You can steal jewelry, secret documents, clothes, TV remotes, and even used razor blades.
Enjoy a comic plot with an entertaining script and fun animations.

download Robbery Bob Free
Robbery Bob Free

Requirements and additional information

Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
Offers in-app purchases.


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