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Pool Billiards Pro is a billiards game with direct and fun mechanics that will allow us to play several different game modes from the comfort of our Android terminal.

Players will be able to choose between several different modes: solo, so we can practice; against artificial intelligence, to test our skills; and in arcade mode, where more than ninety different challenges await us.

Pool Billiards Pro Version 4.5

The mechanics of Billiards - Pool Billiards Pro is very direct: with the tip of your finger you can move the direction in which you point the cue, and just by pressing the screen you can give it strength. In this intuitive way we will have to try to put all the balls.

Unlike other billiard titles for Android, Billiards - Pool Billiards Pro offers quite realistic ball physics. The balls will respond perfectly depending on the position in which we impact and the force that we give.

Billiards - Pool Billiards Pro is an outstanding billiards game that also takes up very little memory on your Android device and has good visuals. An essential title for billiards lovers.

Playing billiards is the most fun, both at a real table and playing on a smartphone just to pass the time. Today we bring you Pool Billiards Pro, a very complete APK for Android to play this sport with just one finger and show that you can become the best.

It is a game that includes different modalities with which to play alone, against the machine, against a friend or in online games, thus covering all the possible options. One can spend hours playing without getting bored putting all the balls, smooth or striped.

install Pool Billiards Pro
Pool Billiards Pro 1

Available features

It allows you to play the two most popular types of billiards: 8 ball and 9 ball.
Different game modes: alone against the machine, against a friend from the same phone or online against players from all over the world.
Allows you to play games against the clock.
Includes an arcade mode with up to 90 game levels rated with one, two or three stars.
The game includes its own currency that the player can use to buy better clubs or participate in higher level competitions.

Requirements and additional information:

Minimum operating system requirements: Android 1.5.

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Pool Billiards Pro

Download Pool Billiards Pro 4.5


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