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Angry Birds Classic is a game of skill in which we have to throw a series of birds with a lot of bad temper against some fortifications defended by little pigs. The goal: shoot all the pigs and cause as much destruction as we can in the process.

We will launch our cute protagonists as if we were driving a catapult. In fact, the gameplay is very reminiscent of typical stone-throwing-down-castle-games (yes, this genre existed before Angry Birds Classic). So we will have to aim well, calculate the force and shoot our bird, which with the help of gravity will have to shoot down the enemy pigs.

Angry Birds Classic 8.0.3

In Angry Birds, of course, we will have several different types of birds to launch. Red doesn't have any special abilities, but some like black will explode, and others like green can follow a boomerang trajectory.

Angry Birds has hundreds of different levels in which, in addition to skill, we will have to use our brains. Thanks to the scoring system in which our objective will be to get the three stars, we will always want to play the screens again to try to beat ourselves over and over again.

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Angry Birds Classic is a simple, fun and charismatic game. It is not surprising that the most important franchise of video games for mobile terminals has emerged as a result of it, with perfect mechanics for short and fast games.

What is Angry Birds Classic and how is it played?

Well, as we said, it is a logic puzzle game that is based on launching the birds with a catapult against the structures where the sparrows take refuge. You have to take into account different aspects when calculating the shots, such as the force at the time of the launch because it influences the parabola or the place where we want it to hit depending on the stability of the construction to be destroyed. The ultimate goal is for the pigs to die in whatever way.

At the player's disposal different birds that will act as projectiles: the yellow bird, the red one, the black one... each one is a different weapon in this challenge to put an end to the robahuevos pigs.

This is the Android version of Angry Birds Classic, as successful as the one for iPhone, and you're in luck because if you want to download Angry Birds for PC you won't need to download the APK and fight with BlueStacks or a similar emulator.

Destroy the pig structures by throwing the birds against them.

Main features of Angry Birds Classic 8.0.3

In the game you will find the following main features and functions:

Kill pigs by shooting birds, always taking into account the influence of the laws of physics on the trajectory.
Birds with exclusive powers.
Power ups like Mighty Eagle, a bird with supernatural powers capable of killing all the pigs at once.
Unlock secret content.
Hundreds of levels to overcome with continuous updates.

What birds are in Angry Birds Classic?

It offers us a fairly wide range of birds that we can use, although not all of them are available in all phases, and even then, they usually appear in various numbers. The full list of birds is as follows:

  • Red Bird: The basic model, without any special features.
  • Yellow bird: when you click on it, it will accelerate for a moment, destroying the fragile materials it finds, such as wood and glass.
  • Blue bird: this little one splits into three when you click on it, destroying the pigs and crystals it finds in its path.
  • Black bird: this heavy bird explodes shortly after coming into contact with an obstacle, or when we click on it, destroying absolutely everything around it.
  • White bird: during its flight, we can click on it to release an explosive egg that destroys almost everything below it.
  • Green bird: this bird changes the direction of its flight when we click on it, giving it a boomerang effect and having much more destructive power.
  • Garnet Bird: Like the Red Bird, but much larger and more destructive.
  • Orange bird: the last addition to the squad, it starts out very small and elusive, but when you click on it it becomes gigantic.

This game has become a successful franchise that has given rise to new games within the saga such as Angry Birds 2, Star Wars, Evolution, Go, Epic... and of course its movie, cartoons and all kinds of merchandising such as t-shirts , breakfast cups and a thousand and one nonsense characterized with the pigs and birds that star in the game.

Angry Birds Classic requirements and additional information

Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
Offers in-app purchases.

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Angry Birds Classic

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