Learning colors for toddlers Apk android 1.6.1 update version 2023

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Learning colors for toddlers Apk PC

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Learning colors for toddlers apk. Colors learning for babies, kids and toddlers is a simple and funny educational game for the children and also for the small children. It learns your baby the basic colors and english words of them in the same time. Learning was never so fun and exciting. Toddlers will learn to name and recognize colors. In Learning colors for toddlers Apk are shown and named different objects like fruits, vegetables and animals and so on.

Learning colors for toddlers Apk 1.6.1

- The game easily teaches your child, whether boy or girls ten different colors: red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, black, pink and grey.
- Each color comes with three very nice pictures mostly fruit (strawberry, apple, cherry..), vegetables and animals (elephant, panda, penguin, monkey, fish …) but also with objects like cloud, piano.
- Interface is clear so even the youngest babies and toddlers will have no problem to interact with this educational game for kids. Download Learning colors for toddlers Apk 1.6.1 colors for kids app 2023 will help your children to learn colors, their tints the games will learn colors.

Download Learning Colors for Toddlers Apk

Como Instalar un archivo APK?

Learning colors for toddlers Apk iOS
Learning colors for toddlers Apk
Learning colors for toddlers Apk android
Learning colors for toddlers Apk 1

How to Play educational game for toddlers

- In this educational game for babies you can find 3 buttons in the main menu learn colors, game one, game two
- Learning colours button of this learning game for toddlers is of course for learning colors. When you enter a certain color, along with its name will be shown and pronounced nice picture. Below the color three objects will appear to match the color. For example bear, deer, monkey matches brown color. This makes this family game funny and entertaining. When you click on any object it will be pronounced in nice girls voice in english language so your kid or toddler will learn english language as well and that is why this colors learning is also english learning game.
- Game one is for matching colors. Children (boy or girl) have to match the circle to the same colored circle. When your kid or baby will match the color correctly the color will be pronounced in english.
- Game two matches the colors as well but with the objects. This improves memory, brain and creativity of your child.

Learning colors for toddlers
Learning colors for toddlers Apk 2
colors for toddlers
Learning colors for toddlers Apk 3

Download Learning Colors for Toddlers Apk

Learning colors for kids and little babies

The colours learning game for babies allows the preschooler to identify and name objects colors. Your kids are gonna be better in recognizing color as well as in english language compared to their classmates in kindergarten or school. This colors learning for preschoolers is determined for kids in a kindergarten, preschool and school. It is very nice family game. Colors learning belong to the basic knowledge of every child who wants to go to kindergarten, preschool or school. This kids game is more then just to learn colors but it has been created as a nice family game.

Because more kids games for your preschoolers, boys or girls are coming soon. And do not forget to learn colors and to learn english.

Learning colors for toddlers Apk PC
Learning colors for toddlers Apk 5

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